Ironic. Obama helps the pro-life cause in US

Checking out the Knight Life
Family Research Council 19 January 2016
It may be the most radical abortion president in history who’s creating the biggest pro-life swing in America. Apparently, the last seven years of President Obama’s extreme policy has done more to change people’s minds on life than anything could. Under this administration, Americans are finally realizing that this debate is not about making abortion “safe, legal, and rare,” but taking innocent children’s lives at the expense of taxpayers, freedom, and women’s health.

And at this week’s March for Life, the crowds will just be proving what polling already has: that Americans are more skeptical of abortion than ever. According to a new survey from the Knights of Columbus, an overwhelming majority of Americans (81 percent) support significant restrictions on abortion. And that includes women (at 82 percent)! Unlike the president, eight in 10 think abortion should be limited to the first three months of pregnancy (which is well shy of the 20-week ban Congress has been working to pass). Another six in 10 think abortion is morally wrong — including, believe it or not, a third of “pro-choicers.”

Americans have consistently opposed taxpayer-funded abortion — and this poll was no different. Seven in 10 people want out of their forced partnership with groups like Planned Parenthood. By a 25-point margin, Americans (55 to 30 percent) agree that abortion does a woman more harm than good. “It’s time,” said Knights of Columbus CEO Carl Anderson, “for a new conversation on abortion — one that begins with this consensus in favor of restrictions: a consensus that American women and men have already reached — and that includes a majority even of those who call themselves ‘pro-choice.'”

To the delight of groups like FRC, these major shifts in public opinion are already fueling a powerful wave of pro-life legislation at the state level. In 2015, 57 laws on everything from clinic safety standards to conscience rights went into effect. And it isn’t just conservative states riding the wave. Thirty-one states, Guttmacher Institute pointed out, “spanning all regions of the country,” passed at least one pro-life law in the last five years. That’s because (unlike President Obama), most Americans have limits. And restricting abortion may be “extreme” to President Obama — but thank goodness it isn’t to the country he leads.

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