John Roughan: Abortion – a topic giving the PM nightmares

NZ Herald 15 July 2019
Family First Comment: “This is a subject that could put the Government’s survival at risk.”
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Abortion is one of those subjects on which a wise man keeps quiet. I wish I was wise. We don’t have equal rights on this one. Women carry the load and their wishes should prevail.

When a problematic pregnancy occurs, in my experience women discuss it in delicate language and only to the extent necessary.

Nobody really wants to talk about abortion. Nobody, it seems to me, except a few gender warriors who want to fight another battle in a war they have already won.

I think they will be giving Jacinda Ardern nightmares. I wonder if she is regretting her endorsement of their call to remove abortion from the Crimes Act. Now it is on the Government’s agenda though not exactly an urgent item.

Justice Minister Andrew Little got a report from the Law Commission nine months ago giving him decriminalisation options.

Last week he said he expects to make an announcement soon. He said the same in May.

I’d be surprised if either Labour or NZ First will be keen to proceed. This is a subject that could put the Government’s survival at risk. If any single issue is capable of creating a new political party – a potential coalition partner for National – I think it is abortion. (behind a paywall)
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