Just Rubbish?

A tiny growing baby lies in his mother’s womb,

So cosy and so cared for, not knowing of his doom;

He dances and he bounces, and he waves his tiny arms

Not knowing that the future is planned to bring him harm.

For Mum, she has decided he’s not needed in her heart,

She’s planning to abort him and tear his form apart;

Just a blob that doesn’t matter, what chance has he to win

When she’s planning soon to dump him into a rubbish bin?

So Mum today I’m pleading, let him skip and swim and dance,

Then one day you’ll be thankful you gave your boy a chance,

As he comes to you and whispers, “I love you Mum, so much,”

You’ll be so glad and thankful to feel his loving touch.

For now it may seem daunting to face the days ahead

But it would be much better if your baby is not dead.

Decide today to keep him, though now you shed some tears

And you will know great blessing throughout the coming years.

Janet Fleming 29/4/2017.

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