Labour MP Paul Eagle addresses adoption laws in emotional maiden speech

Stuff 15 November 2017
Family First Comment: Great speech by an incoming Labour MP
“After the speech, Eagle said he wanted to seek to promote a private members bill to change adoption law, and make adoption more open. “Parents shouldn’t be able to veto their identity from their children,” he said. “This is one of the taboo things in society that we need to open the light on.” Thousands of adopted people were without contact with their birth parents, he said.”
Yep – mum and dad matter.

New Labour MP Paul Eagle says he wants to make adoption easier and more open for New Zealanders, and will look to push a private members bill.

During his emotional maiden speech Eagle, the MP for Rongotai, spoke about meeting his mother for the first time in 20 years.

Eagle addressed his speech to his two-year-old son, who is also adopted, saying he wanted his words to stand the test of time.

“Like your mother, my birth mother wanted to give me a better life than what she herself could,” Eagle said.

It was 20 years before Eagle saw his birth parents again.

“My birth mother told me of her sadness, and how she missed me, and wondered about how I was doing.

“At shopping malls, she would look at each little Māori boy and wonder if it was me.”

Eagle said when he adopted his son, he understood more than ever how hard it was for their mothers to make the decision to let go of a child.

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