Media coverage of the March For Life NZ

Hundreds of pro-life advocates take to Wellington’s streets in opposition of abortion reform
Stuff 8 December 2018 
Several pro-life organisations have joined forces to ensure their voices are heard when it comes to the hot-button topic of abortion.

Organised by five groups, the March for Life – touted as a counter-protest to this a similar pro-choice event earlier in the week – drew a large crowd to Wellington’s Te Ngākau Civic Square on Saturday.

The several-hundred-strong crowd then marched through the central city to the grounds of Parliament to listen to a number of speeches by family advocates and National Party MPs, including Simon O’Connor and Alfred Ngaro.

The march comes on the back of the Labour-led Government’s proposal to remove abortion from the Crimes Act, as well as a Law Commission report into the topic earlier this year.

In October, the commission released its briefing paper examining alternatives to abortion law, following Justice Minister Andrew Little’s proposal to make abortion a health issue rather than a criminal one.

Sir Bill English joins anti-abortion activists in march through Wellington
NewsHub 8 December 2018 
Sir Bill English was among more than a thousand anti-abortion campaigners who marched through Wellington on Saturday afternoon.

The former prime minister joined MPs and GPs to take over Wellington’s busiest shopping street as the debate over taking abortion out of the Crimes Act picks up steam.

It’s the second year the March for Life has been held in Wellington – last year’s marked 40 years since the passing of the Act that allowed abortions to become more easily available. Organisers say this year the crowd was double the size.

“We’ve had forty years of abortion, over 500,000 children have been legally aborted, and why aren’t we looking at that and talking about that and listening to people’s voices who’ve been affected?” asked protestor Kate Cormack.

“It’s pretty exciting that people are interested and want to get out and come from all over New Zealand to be part of that.”

Abortion protesters: ‘We will not be silent’
Radio NZ News 8 December 2018
A sea of banners and balloons covered Parliament grounds in Wellington at an anti-abortion rally this afternoon.

About 1200 people, including former prime minister Sir Bill English, were at the rally.

Justice Minister Andrew Little has previously said he wanted to decriminalise abortion and make it simpler to get one.

Speakers at the rally, including National MPs Simon O’Connor and Alfred Ngaro, urged the crowd to work to oppose and defeat such changes.

Mr O’Connor said people should stand up for what they believed in.

“I hope with your voices, we will not be silent. We will always stand for life – a consistent ethic of life.

“We will be proud, and we will never stop fighting.”

Hundreds march to Parliament in rally against abortion
TVNZ One News 8 December 2018
Hundreds have marched to Parliament today in a rally against abortion.

The ‘March for Life’ was protesting against a proposal to change abortion laws.

The Government is looking at decriminalising abortion and making it a health issue.

The protestors say abortion means taking a life and should be treated as such.

Christian groups and politicians, Including former prime minister Sir Bill English, made up the crowd.
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