Mothers of children with Down Syndrome encouraged to terminate

Stuff 19 April 2017
Family First Comment: Disturbing.

The mother of an unborn child with Down Syndrome says she was advised by medical professionals to terminate the pregnancy.

Antenatal screening meant Masterton mother of two Danielle Bolt knew her unborn daughter Noa would have Down Syndrome, but she did not hesitate in giving birth to her now 21-month-old.

Bolt was angry with the advice she was given and said doctors and nurses should change their approach.

“I was told to terminate by the specialist,” Bolt said. “They literally said to me Noa will become a burden on society and she’s not worth it.”

“It’s so cruel because they don’t know her potential.”

Bolt, who went for Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) at Wellington Hospital, said she was called by staff, who apologised and told her that her daughter would have Down Syndrome.

Bolt was upset they felt the need to apologise about an otherwise healthy baby girl.
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