National Party MP Alfred Ngaro says number of abortions in New Zealand is a ‘tragedy’

Stuff 21 May 2019
Family First Comment: Asking the questions which need to be asked
“Ngaro said the Government was pushing for abortions to be made legal at 40 weeks – full term. “People are starting to say: Is this Government taking away the core values that this country was founded on? Do you accept that we should have abortions at 40 weeks? We are talking full term.”” 

National MP and possible leader of a new breakaway party Alfred Ngaro says no woman has been made to feel like a criminal for seeking an abortion in New Zealand.

Ngaro’s comments came when asked if he supported taking abortion out of the Crimes Act, where it currently sits in New Zealand.

The National list MP is openly exploring the possibility of splitting off from National and starting a new Christian political party, saying a lot of Kiwis felt like their values were not being represented in Parliament.

On Saturday, Ngaro shared a pro-life Facebook post describing abortion as a “holocaust in our nation”.

Ngaro said on Tuesday that he had not read the whole post and a better word for situation was a “tragedy”.

But he pushed back strongly on the Government’s proposed abortion reform, which would take the procedure out of the Crimes Act.


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