Revealed: Hundreds of botched abortions at Marie Stopes clinics (UK)

The Christian Institute 15 August 2017
More than 350 botched abortions were carried out at Marie Stopes clinics in a period of just eight weeks, according to a health watchdog.

A report by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) shows that 373 of the abortions that took place between the months of January and February this year resulted in serious complications.

The CQC also found that eleven women required a hospital transfer after visiting Marie Stopes International (MSI) facilities.

Serious incidents
Surgical staff at the abortion giant were criticised for failing to wash their hands between procedures, and other employees were found to be inadequately trained.

The CQC made eight demands for immediate improvement and said it will be taking “further enforcement action, monitoring Marie Stopes International closely and reviewing its progress”.

The 55-page report follows an inspection of MSI facilities last year which found evidence of thousands of serious incidents.

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