Teen abortions: “I would be mortified if it was my child and I wasn’t told”- Toni Street

TVNZ Seven Sharp 8 July 2016
Family First Comment: Toni is right on the money – support families first, but have provision for the small number of exceptional cases where parents are part of the problem.

“Disappointed for Hillary Kieft this week. She’s the mum who’s fighting for it to be mandatory for parents to be informed if their child under 16 has an abortion.

She has great reason for the fight, she wasn’t told by her daughter’s school and her 15 year old later tried to take her own life.

Now the big concern in making it mandatory seems to be the fear for those that don’t have supportive parents and that it could increase the chance of back street abortions.

But can’t we cater to both here, can’t it be mandatory with an exception for those that for whatever reason feel they are at serious risk if they do tell.

I would be mortified if that was my child and I wasn’t told and to be honest I think parental support would be just as important if they were over 16 as well.”
WATCH NOW: http://tvnz.co.nz/seven-sharp/teen-abortions-i-would-mortified-if-my-child-and-wasn-t-told-video-6480760

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