Life as a teen mum: ‘Incredibly tough’ but with ‘positive’ outcomes

NZ Herald 23 August 2017
Family First Comment: An inspiring story of “choosing life” – despite the circumstances 🙂 

Teen mums are a constant source of moral outrage, but rarely do we hear about the intricacies of their lives or how they cope. Kirsty Johnston reports.

Kym was 15 when she found out she was pregnant.

The Manurewa schoolgirl was a rising netball star, with dreams of playing for the Silver Ferns. She was at a team practice when she noticed she wasn’t feeling herself.

“I was running, but I was slow. I wasn’t as fast as I thought I was,” she said.

“Then I went to the toilet, had a pregnancy test and it came back positive. The next day I went to the nurse, and she did another one, it came back positive again. That’s when decisions had to be made.”

Kym was scared, both for herself and about what her parents would think. She planned to terminate the pregnancy, thinking it was best for her at the time.

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