Pro-life club faces ban at Auckland University

Abortion debate comes to a head at uni with referendum to disaffiliate pro-life club
Stuff 21 August 2017
Family First Comment: Not just Family First that they’re trying to muzzle.
“Auckland Students for Choice spokeswoman Justine Rose, who is also a member of Campus Feminist Collective, said ProLife had been an “embarrassment for AUSA for a long time”. Rose said the student union should not be representing a group which wants to “take away rights for 50 per cent of the student body: our women.”
Um… what about the rights of the 50% of children aborted who are females!?!? Duh.

The fate of a university anti-abortion club will be decided this week in a referendum that could see it disaffiliated.

Auckland University Students Association members are now able to vote on whether the ProLife Auckland group should remain affiliated with the association.

The referendum also asks whether clubs with a “similar ideology” should be banned from affiliating in the future.

It is not the first time the club has faced disaffiliation since its inception in 2010. There have been multiple motions to have the group disaffiliated, but all have failed. Should the referendum be successful,

ProLife would still be able to organise and debate, but would not be recognised or endorsed by the association as being in the interest of students.

ProLife Auckland co-president Jelena Middleton said she was “dismayed” to hear about the motion.

The club’s aim is to support women through crisis pregnancies by spreading information about pregnancy and abortion-related issues on campus, she said.


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